Listen to all of my released music below.

Curious about the stories that inspired these albums? You can read the origin stories of all my albums below. I hope you enjoy them, and I invite you to listen on Spotify or Itunes.  

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"All things will come and go"

Like the leaves of the deeply rooted oak trees, we too must shed our seasonal skin and root down into our true nature to shed that which no longer serves us. Our growth depends upon this ability, for we cannot receive if we are over-encumbered with the residual weight of every encounter, every strife, and every challenge we have faced. How do we create new stories to tell if we are constantly reminiscing over our past tales and not allowing ourselves to be here in the now? This short album is representative of these times, the short stints in between the seasons of our life. The times we are able to shed our leaves and travel on.


"An acoustic parabol"

This album was inspired by two very beautiful guitars. One which was made out of 100-year-old spalted mahogany from an Alaskan harbor. The other, a Martin D35 12 string born in 1969. They were my muses in this sonic journey.
These songs are meditative, meanderings around what I can see as an Alaskan Sunset viewed from the harbor, and a walk along a Misty River. I like to think these songs were channeled through these amazing guitars and I was lucky enough to catch them! 

Finding My Niche 

"An edgy acoustic journal."

In 2016 I sold everything, bought a 1977 motorhome and drove it around the country to explore the National Parks with my wife. We drove for 6 months straight exploring 22 national parks and monuments. Along the journey, I wrote this collection of songs as a reflection on the things I was seeing and feeling during that time on the road exploring. 
These songs reflect on the beauty of the national parks, staying stable under stressful situations, and understanding your calling. They are live studio takes with no filler and a whole lot of love.

Earth Element 

Meditation and Yoga music 

This is the audio that I made for an earth element yoga flow with my friend Tara Eschenroeder at Great Abiding Yoga. The music is tuned to the vibration of the Earth (256Hz in the key of C) and will help you to relax, feel grounded, and move forward in your life with ease and peace. The vibration played through loudspeaker will help to open the root chakra. 
Please use this album as a way to tune your body to the natural frequencies of the earth and heal your nervous system.

Air Element

Meditation and Yoga music

This album was created as a backing track to an Air element yoga flow from my friend Tara Eschenroeder who runs Great Abiding Yoga. I have taken the full 40-minute flow and broken it down into smaller chunks for meditation, yoga, and movement.

Use this album to gain access to deeper parts of your practice. Allow the healing tones of this soundtrack to re-tune your body. The entire album is tuned to the frequency of the heart (Key of F at 341.3 HZ) This tuning relates to the air element. Allow it to gently tune your heart during practice, opening you to your full potential.