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Nick Gonnering is a 12 string inspirational folk artist from the Asheville, NC area. His music is a reflection of his yogic journey through life and it centers around the heart, transformation, and clarity. 

After traveling the National Parks for the centennial out of a 1977 motorhome in 2016, Nick decided to truly pursue his passion for music and use his gift as a way to unite the people he loves. His most recent album "Finding My Niche" is an acoustic journal of his introspective journey into happiness and peace. 


"Now More than ever, Music needs to be more than flashy personas and Ego. It needs to be inspirational, moving, and focused on opening the hearts of the world to work as one in the face of injustice" His newest music is centered around this idea. To bring people together through music and sharing of the hearts vibration. "We are emotional beings having a human experience, and I have been trying to cut my ego out of it so that the true essence of our spirit can shine through this beautiful conduit that is music!" 


Nicks unique style is reminiscent of early John butler trio, jack Johnson and Michael hedges. With a voice similar to that of Jason Mraz and Brandon Boyd. His powerful lyrics will help guide you through his journey but also reflect on the macrocosm of the times we are surrounded by and how to steady your mind to remain truly and authentically you.

Over the years he has created and played in multiple projects across the United States including: Syntheticism, The Jacquets, Her Majesty The Sea and Casual Thursdays.


Nick happily resides with his wife and their cat Luna in a small cabin, located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. He continues to create music and perform around the beautiful Asheville, NC area.  

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