Nick Gonnering- FINDING MY NICHE- Full length Album 

Released: January, 1, 2018
Label: Self Released 
Genre: 12 String Acoustic/ Folk Rock/ Soul 
Hometown: Asheville, NC 
Influences: John Butler Trio, Keller Williams, Tool
Sounds Like: Trevor Hall, Bill Withers, Jason Mraz 
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Artist Bio (short)

After touring the National Parks in 2016 Nick Gonnering decided to commit to music full time and took up writing his first solo album "Finding My Niche" an edgy acoustic journal of his time on the road. After years of searching for the perfect home, he was led to North Carolina where he now resides and continues to write his evolving style of music. 
With influences varying from Bill Withers to John Butler Nick fuses styles and technique to create powerful, insightful, and inspiring music on his 12 string guitar. Reflective of his journey through yoga and the self, his music resonates with an essence of mysticism and charm, and his lyrics weave a tale of insight and peace in a world that seems to be tearing at the seams. 

You can find his music on Spotify Itunes and Google play. Or on his website at 

Artist Bio (Long)

After touring the country in 2016 for the centennial anniversary of the National parks, Nick Gonnering completed and recorded his first solo album "Finding My Niche" an edgy acoustic journal of his travels and reflections from the road.

After the project was completed, he continued his travels along the East coast in search of a place where him and his wife could lay some roots.Shortly there after they stumbled upon the Asheville, NC area.

Over the last few years Nick has toured regionally and has been working on a new range of songs concerned with giving back to the amazing community he has found here in the Blue Ridge Mountains. His work focuses on his yogic journey, finding peace in troubling times and being truly and authentically you. Drawing from such influences as The John Butler Trio, Trevor Hall, Michael Hedges and songwriters such as James Taylor, George Harrison and Bill withers, Nick fuses a unique mix of 12 string acoustic folk with blues, rock and soul influences to back his powerful vocals and insightful lyrics.

"I want to share this inspiration i've found, I hope it helps" Nick Writes in his new song "Hope, it helps"

You can find his work on Spotify, Itunes, Google play and most other streaming platforms online or on his website at

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