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Below you will find the past months of fresh musical content and you are more than welcome to download and listen whenever you'd like! 
I'll be posting in here once a month with cool new stuff i'm working on! 

Dig in and enjoy! 

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April 2018

6 days a week in Knoxville TN they do a live radio broadcast called the Blue Plate Special. Artists from all over the world come to play at this beautiful little stage, located in the heart of Knoxville at their visitor center. I was fortunate enough to make my way to that little stage and play a set, which was live broadcasted over the air to all of their listeners! The recordings you see below are the live takes from that show. There is even a little radio interview mid-set that has a some of my story laced into it! 


Enjoy this months content and let me know what you think in the comments section below! 

Thanks for listening! 

March 2018

I hope you enjoy these live takes from Odds Cafe In Asheville, NC 

You are more than welcome to download if you'd like to as well! 
Thanks for listening! 


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